Wine and Cheese Night

I put hosting a wine and cheese night on my list of things to do because I wanted to entertain some friends as well as expand my palate of wines. My sister remembered this was on my list and for Christmas gave me a Groupon for an in home wine tasting! I called the company up and scheduled a tasting for 8 people. This entailed tasting 3 white wines, 4 red wines and 1 coffee liquor. 
So this covered the wine part, I now had to provide the cheese part. After looking on Pinterest, I found the ideal cheese plate, has a soft cheese, a semi-hard cheese and a hard cheese. For this, I decided on brie, gouda and manchego which I got from the local market. I also read to get some fruit and nuts, along with crackers to go with the cheese. Lastly the wine instructor had mentioned getting a 60% cacao chocolate to cleanse the palate between so I grabbed some Lindt chocolate as well. This plate was very easy to put together and I put it on the cutting board Andrew made for me.
We all had of fun and learned a lot from the wine instructor. After talking though we realized this would be very easy to do on our own. The tips given to us were very similar to the ones in this article, so if you want to host one yourself, brush up on these and then grab some of your favorite wine and cheese from the store! I would recommend grabbing a few whites and reds, some dry and some sweet or maybe even have everyone bring their own favorite. It was a very simple way to have a more sophisticated time with friends. 

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