Disney World Birthday

I am officially 23! I had a great time celebrating it during the three day weekend.We of course went to Disney World! My sister gave me this cute birthday pin to wear. You can get these at guest relations (not with the decorations on it) and then cast members will wish you happy birthday and be sure you are having a magical time!

We stayed the night at Coronado Springs and spent the day at the pool. I love the Mayan theme of it, and it is just getting two hot for us to deal with the crowds. Then we went to dinner at the California Grill for sushi and flatbreads. We enjoyed the amazing view there. We were done eating before the fireworks, but I plan to go to the bar there another time and watch them from this high up. The sushi was really delicious, probably the best I have had. I got the dragon roll, which had tempura shrimp and tuna inside.After dinner, we spent the night at Magic Kingdom! It started down pouring, so we ran between rides. The wait times weren’t bad because a lot of people had left due to the weather, and we were able to do most rides in a few hours! We even saw the country bear jamboree for the first time! I have been so many times and never stopped for it. After seeing it, I don’t regret that choice, but it is fun once in awhile! It was quite silly. Andrew and I also waited for Peter Pan just for the queue. We love the new effects! I think we might even like the line more than the ride now because we even left people pass us as we played with the shadow effects. We left just before midnight and had a great night.

The next day was a much slower pace than we usually have at Disney World, which was really nice. We went to Animal Kingdom just to do the safari and then walked around the tree of life and saw some animal exhibits. After we had lunch at Sanaa, which is always delicious! Definitely get the bread service! Then we ended the day with some time at Hollywood studios, where we both got all time high scores on Toy Story Mania. That was a fulfilling end to my birthday weekend, as I’ve been working on that since September. All in all, it was an awesome weekend! I’ve got a lot of planning to do to make sure Andrews is even better.


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