A Day at Epcot

My best friend from high school and her family are in Orlando this week, so I had to show them around my favorite place! We decided to meet Sunday at Epcot. It was their first day of the trip, and I wanted to get them off to a good start with fastpasses and everything. 
Andrew and I got there before rope drop which is rare for us lately! We had been awake on and off all night because of our neighbors dogs barking, so we did not hit the snooze like we usually do since we were wide awake from the barking. I knew we would be visiting Starbucks later that day though..

We got there before my friend, so we just walked around and it took in the beautiful sites of a quiet morning at Epcot. We went into the butterfly garden and were the only people there. The butterflies were flying around a lot more than normal, I’m not sure if it was because it was morning or they aren’t fond of the large amounts of people later in the day.

After they arrived, we did Soarin’, Living with the Land and Journey Into Imagination and then returned to the butterfly garden. I was very happy with my outfit choice as it kept me cool all day. The skirt is a chambray fabric from the Gap and the tank top I have had forever from Hollister. I always take it out now and again to wear with my matching necklace! I have seen a few bloggers recommending wearing skirts and sundresses to Disney world and I completely agree that it is a cute way to stay cool!

Then it was time for snacking around the world. The first stop was our favorite Flower and Garden festival booth, the Smokehouse! Andrew and I got our favorite beef brisket burnt ends with a white cheddar fondue. This snack is to die for and I am sad this was probably my last time having it for the year. We finally tried the whiskey lemonade but it wasn’t really worth it. The cups are tiny and you get a shots worth of whiskey that barely mixes with the frozen lemonade. We also snacked at the Florida Fresh booth and got our favorite shrimp and grits (second time eating grits this weekend!) and got the blonde ale and the red ale. You can’t go wrong with this booth either! The dole whips were a great dessert after before heading back into future world for more rides.We hit up the rest of the rides mainly using fastpasses and I got myself the Epcot mug at Starbucks. After this it was dinner time, so while my friends parents went back to the US, we decided to give the salads at Sunshine Season a try.

I got the “Power” salad with kale, quinoa, feta, almonds, cranberries and some other greens. It was great and surprisingly filling! Andrew got the Caesar salad though and that was bland as anything. Also the chicken chowder and clam chowder were nothing special. Obviously it was better than a burger in the American pavilion though. At this point it was time for us to go. We really wanted to see Fantasmic, and our annual pass is about to be blocked out soon so now was the time. We walked all the way from Epcot to Hollywood studios, and got there with plenty of time to get a seat. I had not seen Fantasmic in a decade, but I remembered most of it. It was better than I remembered and the new “Glow with the Show” ears were cool to see. These are ear hats you can buy that light up to go along with show! The only issue I think is that it needs to be updated a little-the Pocahontas scene was clearly for promotion purposes about 20 years ago and goes on way too long for now. Andrew says I should enjoy it though because it’s only a matter of time until Frozen takes up half the show! We were exhausted after that, we had walked over ten miles that day! We probably won’t be doing any open to close days like that for a while, so I was glad to fit one in while the crowds were lower and the weather was not too hot.

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