Craft Brew Fest

Today was the day of the Craft Brew Festival in Titusville. We got lunch at Chipotle on the way, but still ended up getting to the festival early. It was good though because we got to explore the space memorial park, which had some nice dedications to the space program.
There was a nice dock area too with a view of the vehicle assembly building, but it was a bit too far away to get a good picture.

This is the outfit I wore today. I was worried about the shirt being too see through but I think it worked well with those J. Crew shorts!
After our walk we went to the beer festival. It ended up being a lot smaller and had a lot less craft beer than we expected. It was definitely not worth the price but we did have fun. The best beers were the UFO grapefruit, the Blue Moon summer honey wheat and the Sea Dog pumpkin. All of those are brand names you can find in a store though so it wasn’t really craft beer! Afterwards we went to Pacific Rim for dinner. We have been having a lot of sushi lately! We split a fire dragon roll and some pad thai. I think this is by far my favorite sushi place, especially since it had a nice patio to eat in. 

Overall it was a good day, but I am starting to get pretty stressed about moving and doing my scuba certification. I know things will be crazy this month, but Andrew says we can handle it. I hope he is right!

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