Star Wars Weekend

We went to our first Star Wars weekend this Saturday. It was a very fun experience! We started out the day looking around at the decorations and around the “Darth Mall”. They had some really cool merchandise that was tempting to get, but very pricey because of its special edition status. 
Then it was time for the parade. Huge tip-make sure you are along the main road and can see the main stage. We thought we had a great spot but turns out we didn’t get to see all the floats. It wasn’t too bad because we saw most of the characters in some form later that day, but if you are going to watch the parade you might as well get a good view of all of it.The park was packed so we did not do any rides besides the three we had fast passes for. We would have waited for rock and roller coaster but it was closed for the day. We did get to see some characters around the park!
I just saw Mickey and Minnie walking by but had to wait in line for my favorite woodland creatures dressed as my favorite intergalactic creatures! We also saw Warwick Davis’s show, an Ewok’s tale. He told the audience all about his start as an Ewoks at the age of 11 and then moving into being Willow and Professor Flitwick. The best part of the day was the last part though, the Star Wars fireworks! We waited in a good spot for an hour and danced around a bit to the little show they had on the stage. The fireworks were great though and it was so cool to see them synced to the Star Wars scores. We loved this event and we think it will get even bigger and better through the years as Disney makes the next trilogy. 


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