Flower and Garden Festival 2015

 March through May is one of my favorite times at Epcot, as it is The Flower and Garden Festival! This is when the park is beautifully decorated with topiaries and lots of flowers and a few outdoor kitchens pop up with some delicious food.
Nancy and I went on the first day it opened. We were so excited to be some of the first people to try these treats.
The first meal we tried ended up being my favorite of the season, the brisket burnt end hash with white cheddar fondue! This dish was amazing, it was so spicy and cheesy. This was at the Smokehouse booth which also had a yummy pulled pork sandwich and whiskey lemonade.
 Anther savory dish was this shrimp gazpacho from the Moroccan kitchen. The sparkling white wine went very well with this.
Nancy loved the lavender lemonade, it was definitely one of the best non-alcoholic drinks there.
My favorite dessert was the strawberry macaroon in France. I love macaroons so that is no surprise especially with the great filling in it.
 Here’s Andrew and me in the tea garden in England. They also had some refreshing iced tea samples and a tour of the different types in the garden.
 Andrew very much enjoyed the smokehouse and the beer they served there.
Florida Beer Company had a special brew for this event, it was called the Fest of Flowers beer and it was great. Florida Beer Company is one of our favorite breweries and they are local to us!
 It went very well with the watermelon feta salad at the Florida Fresh Booth.
The butterfly garden was very cute, if you went early before the crowds you got to see a lot flying around.
 This is a Chinese desert of sugar coated strawberries. It was a bit too sweet for us.
The Dole Whip is a Disney World classic treat but at this festival you could have coconut rum mixed with. This was another favorite of the festival. I ended up going to the Flower and Garden Festival four times during its duration and enjoyed trying all the foods and the seeing the beautiful flowers. I think I actually preferred this to the Food and Wine Festival because it was less crowded and also I can get a bit overwhelmed with all the booth choices! This had about 10 and it was easy to find something I wanted to try at all of them. I cannot wait until its open again next year.

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