Hellofresh Meals

I have been making lots of meals from Hellofresh lately Hellofresh is a grocery service that ships all the ingredients to make three meals to your house. I had been seeing the ads for these programs online for a year now, but when I saw the price of them I just could not justify the $70 price for 3 meals that you have to cook yourself. However, our friend has been doing a lot of online delivery services and loves this one, so she referred us and we got a free box.
We ended up loving the fresh produce in there and the recipes. The best thing was that you do not have to decide what’s for dinner, which is usually the hardest part for us. We cancelled the subscription after the one week regardless, but a couple weeks later, we saw a groupon for half price boxes. So $35 for three meals and not having to go to the grocery was automatically a deal so Andrew and I bought a bunch of groupings and have been using them all month. We usually get a chicken, fish and beef option every week and the meals are pretty healthy. The main issue with it is you only get three meals, so you still have to do a weekly grocery shop, but this does make things a little easier.Β 

We have made at least three meals from here but these were some of the favorites! The first picture is the Shrimp and Farro Salad which I cooked. The other two Andrew did a great job cooking and are Honey Pork with a hash and the third is a Pork with Veggie Kabobs. We have made a lot others and may try to make those recipes again in the future.


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