S’more Cupcakes

Summer always makes me crave s’mores. I do not even like them very much because they can be so messy and I do not have the patience to cook the marshmallow well. Regardless, I had been really wanting one lately and do not have a fire pit. I wanted to make a fire at the beach, but it is turtle season here so they are not allowed. So to the internet I went, and found ideas for all sorts of cupcakes. I am more of a fan of cookies than cakes so I made these little cookie cupcakes. 
It was pretty straight forward to make. First you cook the graham cracked cookie and make sure to make an indent in the middle. 
Then you press half a marshmallow in and put it under the broiler to toast the marshmallow. This method is much easier than over a fire! 
When it’s toasted you wait a little for it to cool and then out a piece of chocolate on top. I put them in the fridge for a bit so the chocolate didn’t melt and then they were ready to eat. They were a really fun treat for this time of year! 

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