Sebastian Inlet

 Yesterday we took a drive south to Sebastian Inlet. We had heard it was one of the best national parks in Florida and had been wanting to check it out.
We hung out at the inlet for a little with our chairs in the water. It was a cozy little area where people can wade in the waveless water and watch the boats go by. It was nice but we soon realized that stagnant water is not our thing and went to the other side for the real beach. 
The beach was pretty nice, with water a little more clear than the water in our backyard. It wasn’t really worth the drive, but it was fun to check out. We snorkeled around for a bit too but just like our beach there wasn’t much to see.
We did pack a picnic lunch to eat her and ended up sitting on this nice deck and looking at this gorgeous view. It was really pretty to see a beach without lots of houses around it. I am glad there are still some parts of Florida that are left to their natural beauty.

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