Typhoon Lagoon

In my opinion, Typhoon Lagoon is the best water park there is. Disney has themed it so you feel like you are on a tropical island. The backstory is that a typhoon flooded the area and landed the Miss Tilley boat on Mount Mayday. You can see the boat in the picture below overlooking the gigantic wave pool.
This wave pools creates huge waves every few minutes that are so much fun to swim in and body surf. You can even take a surfing lesson on these waves before the park opens!
The best ride by far is the crush and gusher which is a water roller coaster. It shoots tubes up and down a track. This is the most thrilling attraction, along with the snorkel pool, where you snorkel with sharks and rays!
Now I will say that this park does not have as crazy or as fast slides as other parks I have been too. However I  will take some serene attractions in a tropical setting any day over crazy slides on concrete. This place is perfect for taking a relaxing lazy river ride or going on a calm family raft ride. It is also great for day trips because it gives you that vacation feeling without going too far. Andrew and I have been here 3 times this summer and have a blast every time. It is one of my favorite Disney world places and I definitely recommend it to anyone going there.

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