Recent Reads

I have been trying to read a lot more since I graduated. There are so many good ones to cross off my list of what to read. I have read 9 so far in the past year, and I have covered a variety of types of books.

1-Gone Girl

I read this one just before the movie came out and loved both of them! My advice to my family was just see the movie, because it had most parts of the book and then you only spend 3 hours finding out the plot instead of being addicted to it for weeks.

2-This Is Where I Leave You

I also got this one before watching the movie. It was a lot more depressing then I expected since I had seen previews and there were a few comedians in the movies. I do enjoy books like these that analyze the characters though.

3-American Wife

I think this is my favorite of this list! It was a really interesting story about the life a semi-fictional First Lady that was strongly based off Laura Bush. I did not know that going into this but I was surprised to learn about things that occurred in the book occurred in real life. This is more about the early years of marriage and looks into her childhood and I liked that a lot.

4-The Andy Cohen Diaries

I am a casual fan of Bravo but when I heard about this book I thought it would be interesting to read about the life of this amusing talk show host. I really enjoyed his inside look at the lives of celebrities and his honest writing. I got into watching Watch What Happens Live! after reading this, but eventually stopped again because it was just too housewife focused.
5-The Handmaid’s Tale

This was definite my least favorite book I have read. I saw an article recommending books all women should read and this was on there and I can’t say I agree. I usually enjoy books about dystopian societies, but this one just examined the society without telling much about how it started or having people fight back against it. It got very boring after the first few chapters and eventually ended without telling you what happened to the main character. It was short, so I finished it fast and was glad to be done with it.

6-The Yonahlossee Riding Camp For Girls

Already wrote about this one, I really liked it!


This was written by the same author of American Wife. I think I preferred that book, but this was also good. It looked at life at a boarding school from the perspective of a girl that doesn’t fit in. It had some interesting and rela tables stories about her experience and it was a good coming of age book. I would recommend it more for high schoolers, but it is a solid read overall.

8-Edge of Eternity
This was the third part of the Ken Follet Century trilogy. I loved this series as it looked back on the 20th century through the lives of intertwined characters in other countries. It is really long, but so worth it and I would recommend these books to anyone. I will warn that there are some intense/graphic war scenes but the books are mainly heartfelt and I have shed tears at every ending. The characters are the best part and I liked following them for multiple books. I also learned a lot of history as this series was very accurate!

9-The Wonder Spot

Just finished this one. I loved the author’s other book the girls guide to hunting and fishing so I was looking forward to this one. I did like the first better as the stories were more compelling. This one had its interesting parts but overall the main character’s life was too boring for me to enjoy the short quips about her life. I had high hopes at the beginning but not much ended up transporting which was a shame. Still, I did enjoy the relatable parts about being a twenty something!

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