The Egg and I

I tried this breakfast place earlier this year and love it! It is probably my favorite chain breakfast spot. However, I have only ordered one thing on the menu so I cannot vouch for all of it. Above is the Santa Fe Huevos, which I always get. The menu describes it as:
A warm flour tortilla layered with seasoned black beans, pepper jack cheese and two eggs any style. Topped with pork green chili or salsa, guacamole, fresh tomatoes, sour cream and fresh green onions. Served with grits or ranch potatoes.

I am getting hungry just thinking about it! The picture shows the meal topped with salsa, but I have also gotten the pork green chili on top and that was equally as good. I have only tried the ranch potatoes and they are delicious, especially with a little hot sauce on top. I feel like I should probably branch out, but I am just always drawn in, probably because this meal is like the breakfast version of Chipotle. I have not been here in months now though because we moved further away, but when we do get back, I think I know what I will get!


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