The Melting Pot

For a date night, Andrew took me to the Melting Pot. I had never been before, but I love fondue, so I was pretty excited for it. We have since been twice and I would have to say my favorite part is the entrée! They actually give you really good meat with delicious sauces and you can cook it in the boiling broth to the way you like it. The first time we went, we got the steak, tuna, pot stickers and duck. The cuts of meat were all excellent and fresh tasting, I had not had much duck before but really liked it and of course I loved having some lightly seared tuna. Andrew loved having his steak as rare as he wanted it. So the biggest let down of the meal was the cheese fondue. As a lover of cheese, I thought this would be my favorite, but it didn’t taste much better than an average queso. The salad was a bit lackluster too, especially since the cesar salad has these oddly sweet pine nuts on it.

The dessert was delicious, like I expected. We loved all the different dipping options, especially the fruit! We also got cocktails and we both found them to be made very well and taste great.

It was a really fun date and I would recommend anyone to try it once! It’s a bit more expensive than what it’s worth, so I would recommend going when they have a special promotion. We will probably go back in the future for some chocolate fondue and some drinks, but we were really surprised how much we liked the main dish, since we thought the fondue would be more their specialty.

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