Book Review: To Have and Have Not

I picked up this Hemingway classic, as I was looking for a good read about the Florida Keys. While it does not give the brightest look on my soon-to-be vacation spot, I learned a lot about life there during the depression and some history of the Keys. I also plan to visit the Hemingway House while there, so I am glad I read another one of his novels. However, this book was not going to be a favorite of mine like The Sun Also Rises is. It was very interesting but a bit too much on the bleak side for me, even for Hemingway. Also, the language got a bit difficult to read with all the slang used. The story was heartbreaking but also poetic. I did like the format, it seemed more like a bunch of short stories tied together about a guy and some other islanders. This definitely won’t be the last Hemingway story I read and if you are in the mood for some quick stories about a guy out of luck, this is a good one.


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