Epcot Food and Wine Festival Cooking Demo

It is almost time for the Food and Wine Festival again at Epcot. Similar to the Flower and Garden Festival, this is an even bigger event for Epcot. And it’s all about eating and drinking delicious things! I went multiple times last year and tasted as much as I possibly could. They have booths set up around the parks and special seminars, including cooking demonstrations, like this one we went to last year. For only $10, it was a fun experience that I would definitely doing again.

The seminar we went to was called Back to Basics, and the chef showed us how to make Risotto using beer instead of wine. Β While we watched her demo the recipe, we got to sample the beer used to flavor the risotto. Then when she was almost done, a dish was brought to each person. We thought it was very tasty. She had put cow peas in it, which we had never had before, but found out we liked. They are like black eyed peas. This recipe inspired us to make a similar risotto the next week. I did enjoy doing this different activity during the day, and it was a good break from the heat. The only downside is that they still house it in the old Wonders of Life pavilion of Epcot, which looks like some decrepit warehouse and not at all like an imaginative Disney venue. It is really time for them to update it to be a festival center or move the festival center elsewhere! As they have been doing it for almost a decade that is doubtful. However, this being my only complaint, means it is still a lot of fun and any foodie would enjoy it!


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