Seasons 52

For Christmas Eve dinner, I was in charge of picking the restaurant and found this little gem. Turns out it is a chain all over the country, but a lot different than most. The reason it has the label healthy is because most of the items on the menu are under 475 calories. My Dad and brother were worried it would not be filling enough because of this, but it definitely was. We ended up loving this place and I can’t wait to go to the one in Orlando.

They had some really cool drink options and I got the Cucumber Basil Smash which had cucumber vodka in it. It was a strong drink but i love cucumber so I liked the flavors. I believe Andrew got the New Old Fashioned, my dad got the Bourbon Berry Bramble and my mom got the Pomegranate Margarita Martini  and everyone loved their drinks. It is a great happy hour spot for sure especially with all the flatbread choices. For food, we all got a variety. We had a few tuna and avocado rolls to start which were surprisingly some of the best sushi I have had. We also tried some of the hummus and that was delicious. I got the Rainbow trout as an entree and did not regret it. It was a delicious fish and a huge size, especially for the calorie count! Of course we ended with dessert cakes in shot glasses therefore ruining the healthy part, but it was Christmas Eve! As a family who likes an upscale place to dine n Christmas Eve, but with a wide variety of choices to satisfy all of us, this place was ideal.

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