Beach Yoga

  • One of the perks of living in Florida is that you can take your workout outside most of the year. Although the temperature has gotten pretty hot this summer, it is usually cool enough in the morning for a yoga session. I have done a few on the beach myself, but usually feel awkward, so I really enjoy the local yoga classes that Satellite Beach has. Here are some tips I have learned about beach yoga.
  • Sunglasses are a must-I usually like to be uninhibited by accessories when working out but if you are facing the water on the east coast, you are going to need sunglasses. I made sure to grab a pair that fits very securely on my head while going upside down!
  • Ignore the sand-this is a tough one for me, but doing yoga on the beach means you will be covered in sand. I bring a decent blanket, and the bigger you have, the less sand you get on it, but it is still inevitable. I have learned to enjoy being in nature and then promptly jump in the shower when I am done.
  • Bring water-It does get warm outside so it helps to stay hydrated.
  • Try new moves-Changing the landscape can definitely affect your practice. A lot of times you can do some stretches a little better than usual do to the cushy ground.
  • Your balance will improve-On the other hand, I find balancing extra difficult on this terrain! However, when I go into the studio the next day, I find my balance is better than usual. So definitely try your hardest and know it will pay off.

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