Market Square, Knoxville

On our trip to Knoxville we spent a lot of time at Market Square. It is a really cool downtown area that definitely has a hipster vibe to it, in a good way! For example, there is a speakeasy, yes like a secret bar. It is called the Library and if you are in Knoxville, you have to go. You find the entrance in an alley behind the hotel, then go down a hallway and knock on a door. Depending on when you go, it may be easy to find because of a line to get in, however we went for pre-dinner drinks so it was very quiet and has a secretive feel to it.

The menu is in a fake encyclopedia and has lots of drinks named after book characters. I got the Holly Golightly aka the main character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The drink was sweet and delicious and just start of a night of unique beverages.

 After this we went to Stock and Barrel, which was just named the 5th best burger joint in the county. I definitely have to agree that it is that good! We had the goat cheese bruschetta and the fried mushrooms we had for appetizers. Then for dinner, after lots of recommendation, I decided on the Bison burger with Duck Confit fries. This was my first bison burger and it was amazing. I may have too high of expectations now. We also had to try a side of mac and cheese which was so good!

Armada was the last bar we decided to go to and I was glad we did. this bar makes all their own liquors in house. I continued my fruity streak and got champagne with an elderflower liqueur and a candy hibiscus flower. It was an extremely high quality drink! I enjoyed it, but it was a bit on the strong side.It was definitely a unique experience though.We decided to return to Market Square for the Saturday’s farmers market. Walking out of the parking garage felt like stepping on to Main Street USA as they had a big band playing old timey music. It was such a fun atmosphere. We got breakfast sandwiches and cheesy grits at Tootsies Food Truck that tasted perfectly southern. I could have stayed there all morning if it was not so hot out. We had a great time soaking in the Tennessee culture here. I am hoping as downtown Melbourne expands, it includes some similar offerings!

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