Epcot Food and Wine Festival Booths 2014

A few weeks ago I covered a cooking demo we attended last year at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, but now I am going to cover the best part of the event-the food and wine booths! There are about 30 of these with all different types of cuisine. I highly recommend looking at the menus online before going and getting a good idea of which ones you want to hit. It would be very hard to go to all these booths in one day, though a very motivated vacationer may be able to hit them all in a week. Still it would be impossible to try everything, so I am going to share some of my favorites. You can find plenty of reviews from other Disney bloggers as well as this is an extremely popular topic.

The Canada booth is a must. Last year I tried the filet mignon, the rainbow trout and the cheddar cheese soup and loved them all! Unfortunately the trout is not returning this year, but the steak and soup are the classics that every fan must try once. Skip the apple ice wine, it is a tiny amount for the price!

Brazil was an excellent stop. Not only does it have an adorable eating area, but also great food. I had the crispy pork belly and the Carnaval Moscato last year and thought it may have been the best dish and best drink there. I love sparkling wine and this was very crisp and sweet. The pork belly had the best flavor and perfect crispiness as well.

France is another great option. If you are feeling adventurous go for the escargot, it was very tasty. I had never tried it before and was excited at the chance to try an exotic food. Andrew stuck with the short ribs and said they were pretty good, but not the best steak option at the festival. All the drinks sound delicious too and the slushies’ can be very refreshing, especially if you are looking for something with a low alcohol level.

Hawaii is another big favorite. I always am up for some Ahi Tuna and their poke salad was delicious. I never thought I would enjoy seaweed so much! I also love the pulled pork slider and the pineapple wine. You cannot go wrong at this booth!

Lastly is Poland. If you have never had a pierogi, here is a great place to try one. They have a traditional and a sauerkraut one and they are both delicious. I have not had any beverages there, but the options sound very unique!

To look at complete menus, here is a helpful site. There are plenty of other delicious snacks I have not gotten to try here, but I have rarely been disappointed with what I have tried. This festival is a great time to be adventurous, as I have found many favorite foods from it.

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