Wekiwa Springs

We finally took that day trip to Wekiwa Springs we have been wanting to do! Eryk and Kevin came along for a day of tubing down a real life lazy river. This little spot was in Kelly Park and it was a fun and relaxing day.
All you had to do was rent some inner tubes and then float down the river. It is a freshwater spring and the water was a bit chilly! It was nicer than any lake I’ve been too though, and there was some cool wildlife in it and nearby.Β Not to worry though, gators stay in warmer waters and are a rare sight here.
We also brought a picnic lunch of sandwiches and snacks. Tubing the total length of the river takes about 20 minutes and we usually took breaks in between going down. We went early on Saturday and got a good spot but the area filled up pretty quickly as the day went on! There are a lot of cool parks you can experience these springs but I really liked this one as you were moving the whole time and not just floating in cold water. We want to go back and kayak there sometime too

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