The Sun Shoppe Cafe

I tried another new local restaurant today. This time it was for lunch with a friend. We needed a break from the office and decided to check out this quaint café downtown. This little eatery serves breakfast (all day!) and lunch, as well as a wide variety of coffee and teas. I was originally going to get a tabbouleh wrap, but they were out of tabbouleh so I got the California wrap instead. I also got a pomegranate iced tea which was amazing! It was much better than the tea at Starbucks that I love, because it just had a lot more flavor. The wrap was decent. I always realize after I order wraps that I actually do not like them too much. The pitas are usually pretty bland, this one as well, and it overpowers the other ingredients. Also this had way too much lettuce and not enough sprouts so that was disappointing. I liked the vibe of this café though and it seems like a great place to get a coffee and read a book.

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