Top Rope Belay Class

Andrew has recently joined the rock climbing gym in our town and has had a lot of fun working out there. In order to advance to the next walls, he needed to be Top Rope Belay Certified, so I decided to take the class to get certified with him

The class was a little over an hour and went over everything to safely belay someone and lots of practice doing it. First we learned how to correctly tie the rope around the harness if we are about to climb. You make a figure 8 knot and then loop it through the harness and then follow the same path figure 8 path again to finish. After this we learned how to attach the rope to the belay device and the hand motions for belaying someone. After lots of practice, it was time for us to go to the walls and try out our skills!
We both did well and did not drop each other! It was a fun trust exercise for the two of us and a very active date. We climbed a bunch of walls and did some bouldering after so it was a great workout. My arms and hands were a bit sore afterwards, but Andrew has gotten used to it. This was a very fun class and a great experience for climbers and non-climbers. We love having a rock climbing in the area and think it’s a great place for people of all ages to stop by and try out.


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