Island Pasta Company

I have been to this restaurant a few times over the past few years and recently again. I want to love this place, with its tropical vibe and its creative menu, however the food rarely wows me. I have had a good experience with their appetizers and the drinks are always tasty. I would have to say the crab dip is the best thing I have had there, though it doesn’t compare to anything you would find in the Mid-Atlantic area. However this place is known for pasta.

They have all kinds of pasta dishes, and of them I have had the rasta pasta (above) and the coconut curry pasta. Both had a nice sauce, the rasta was more flavorful than the coconut, but they also both have chicken. And unfortunately the chicken here is not great. It is so dry and flavorless, it tastes like it came out of a bag of frozen grilled chicken strips. I remembered this from the last time, but decided to give it one more try. I was disappointed by their chicken for the last time and though I will probably be back in the future, I will be sure to avoid getting any pasta with chicken.

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