Jock Lindsey’s The Hangar

While my parents are visiting, we have been exploring The Disney Springs a bit more. Our bar stop of the night was at the new Hangar bar which has an Indiana Jones theme. We loved the mix of aircraft and south seas theming, and also the boat named Reggie!
We had eaten dinner at the House of Blues so this was a stop for drinks. It took us all a while to order but we each ended up with something different.

Overall the drinks were delicious! We each got a specialty drink. Here are the ones we got:

I got the Bedtime Story, which features my new favorite, hibiscus liquor with a candied hibiscus on top. It was delicious and the perfect amount of sweetness.
My dad got the Air Pirates Mule which was a nice twist on a Moscow Mule with whiskey. This was very refreshing!
Andrew got the Scottish Professor which was a great mix of whiskey, gin and pear nectar liquor.
Nancy got the Cool-Headed monkey which was your typical sweet rum punch and it was enjoyable.
My mom got, I think, the Singapore sling. It was very strong and the least favorite of the drinks, but more because it got warm quickly without ice. She rarely finished a drink anyways so it was not much of a loss. And we all had sips of each other’s of course!

It was a great place to hang out right on the water. We did not get any good but the everything pretzels looked really good. I am so glad the Disney Springs has been adding cool spots like this one.


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