Andrew’s Birthday at the Chart House

Andrew and I always try and do something fun for each others birthday. This year he wanted to go to a fancy restaurant. We looked at a few places in Disney, but decided to try the Chart House at the Melbourne Harbor. this way we could go out with friends after.The restaurant is at a picturesque spot on the water. We wanted to sit outside but it was a gloomy day so we got a cozy booth. They had many good sounding cocktails, and I was very pleased with my pomegranate margarita. Andrew loved the whiskey drink he got. It had chocolate bitters in it which turns out, are delicious! We also got a charcuterie plate, which was the best part of the meal. All the meat and cheese on it was fantastic and went well together!

I got crab filled tilapia with risottos and asparagus. I love crab meat and was very happy to have some combined with another great fish. The risottos was not great, it did not really taste like much, maybe a little cheesy, a little lemony but it didn’t have a lot going on. Andrew had the NY strip and enjoyed it. I thought it was cooked well but the mashed potatoes tasted were not special either. So overall the food was good but we were not as impressed as expected.

We met some friends for drinks after and had a great night. A lot of our friends do group dinners for birthdays but we love having an intimate evening just the two of us. We did join the Landrys club to get $25 off our meal and now Andrew will get $25 off every year around his birthday. It was easy to join and a good idea to do if you will be in the Orlando area. We will probably use the voucher next year for drinks at Rainforest cafe, Yak and Yeti, or maybe here again!

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