Growing Plants

Andrew and I have been talking about getting plants since we moved in and finally decided to do it this weekend! We shopped at Lowe’s and a local shop, and picked out some herbs, vegetables and plants.Β For indoors, we got the tall grass plant. We also got a small chive plant as well.

We love to use herbs in cooking so these were an obvious choice. We got cilantro, parsley, basil and mint. I love the smell of these already! We also decided to try our hands at some veggies. We got a jalapeno plant, a tomato, a spinach and an arugula. We places all of these on the porch in some planter boxes, as well as put the herbs in a hanging a pot. If all goes as planned, we might be making a fresh salad with home grown produce in a few months!

Update: They all died within a matter of weeks. I guess we do not have green thumbs like we thought! Better luck next time!


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