Halloween 2015

Halloween of 2015 ended up being one of the our best Halloweens yet. Despite wearing the same costume for the 3rd year in a row and not meeting up with my friend from school, we still had an awesome night! And I think you can tell from the above picture that we definitely mastered our Halloween costumes this year. Actually this is the the first time I got a good picture of us in them!

I even got to match the local Snapchat filter! So we started at a friend from works house and went downtown later. The house was the perfect place to hang out and try some pumpkin beers.

We stocked up on 3 different kinds. First we had Gourd Shorts which wins the most adorable label ever award. This was a solid Florida Beer Company beer, although the not super pumpkin-y, but did have fall flavor a. UFO pumpkin was the most pumpkin flavored and my favorite, as it didn’t have a strong taste. Pumpkin Drumkin on the other hand was extremely hoppy and way too strong for me. I did not notice any pumpkin flavor.We had fun trying the different flavors, we may need to start a tradition of this.

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