FIT Homecoming 5K

I participated in my 2nd 5K this week. This was the FIT Homecoming 5k, so Andrew, Nancy and I all ran it. It was after work and the weather this year has been extremely hot for November so it was kind of brutal.

My time ended up being 29:46 minutes, which is about a minute worse than my last 5k. I forgot to turn my map my run app off immediately after so it isn’t completely accurate. The course was a straight line though which was not fun. That line also is on a bit of an incline and I was not expecting that at all! The first mile I ran too fast. I had not realized how close to the front we were at the start so I ended up trying to keep up with a lot of quick people and not pacing myself correctly. The 2nd mile I was going down hill for a lot of so that was not as bad. The third mile though, exhaustion and hunger kicked in and I ended up on Β and off walking it. I am happy that my time is under 30 minutes though, that was not too bad for doing this after a long day of work. I plan to be in the 27 minute range on the next one! If I can just keep my pace at 9 minute miles, I should be able too.

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