Vera Bradley Fall Items

While my parents visited, we took a trip to the outlets. My mom works for Vera Bradley, so we had to stop in for some major discounts! Here are some of the things I have been loving there.
My favorite print of the season was definitely Marakesh. I love the blue and orange and it fit in well with my beach you stuff as you can see above. I have a beach tote and a straw tote, as well as the flip flops and the cooler.
Here is a Jazzy Blooms tumbler I got for bringing beverages to the beach!
I also got this nice cheery blossoms note of for my desk. I love this brand because it can add an unexpected pop of color to random everyday things, like my desk. They have really broadened their selection as well, so the stores have all kinds of things besides handbags. I’ll update again after Christmas, when I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of Vera Bradley presents.

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