Key West Day 1

We woke up early in Fort Lauderdale  feeling very excited to get to Key West. It was about a 4 hour drive from where we were to the southernmost point. We stopped in Islamorada about halfway through for lunch.

We went to Lazy Days, a classic seaside restaurant for lunch and it was great! We both got fish sandwiches, one coconut fried and one blackened and then split half of each. They were mahi mahi and both very tasty, so much so that we could not decide our preference!

After taking some pictures of the beautiful ocean, we stopped at Robbie’s. This was a little tourist trap with some cute shops and a dock where you can feed giant Tarpon fish! These things were huge! We got a bucket of bait and threw some to them. We made sure to throw it since some people dangling it get there wrists grabbed by the giant fish!We continued to be amazed by the beautiful drive! We stopped at Bahia Honda State park to go on the bridge and for some beach time. The views were breathtaking. The water was so warm and nice too. It was like paradise! I wish we could have stayed longer but we were eager to get to the keys. Definitely taking a longer stop there next time.From there, we were less than an hour away from Key West. Once we got there, we checked into our hotel and were very pleased! It was perfect little room to fit our needs that week. After freshening up, we decided to explore the town and head over to Mallory Square for the sunset. We saw some beautiful sights along the way.

We decided to stop for some key lime ice cream. This was the first of many key lime things we would have this week! It was also probably the tastiest of all of them except the actual pie.

We made our way to Mallory Square as the sun started to set! We thought it was pretty then and didn’t realize how much better it would get a little later. It was on and off raining though so after exploring a bit we headed to dinner.

We had heard great reviews of the Off the Hook grill and made our way toward there. However when we got here, it was closed just for the day! And then it started pouringright when we had got there. We laughed at our bad luck but soon the rain stopped and we set off for another place.We found this Italian place called Onlywood and we were so glad we did. It was probably the best Italian restaurant we have been too! Everything was amazing from the garden atmosphere to all the handpicked items on the pizza.Two things we were blown away by was the sangria and the buffalo mozzarella. The sangria had more spices then we had had in one and we loved it. The mozzarella was homemade and so creamy! This was the hidden gem of our trip.It was time to hit Dvcal street after that. We stopped the Hard Rock cafe for some great live music and then walked around more. We stopped at a little hole on the wall spot for beers too. There are lots of crazy things to see on Duval street including Darth Vader playing a light up banjo. We did not stay up too late though since we had our dive the next day! And some other life changing surprises I was not aware of 😉

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