Brewery Series: Funky Buddha Brewery

While we were in Fort Lauderdale, we had to check out Funky Buddha Brewery. We have loved their beer in the past and their local brewery had some very unique flavors, so we went there after lunch.

Here’s a nice diagram of the brewing process. I definitely geeked out because it is a basic chemical engineering process. Brought me back to my days of reactor design class.They had so many great sounding flavors, we could not decide on one. So we both got flights!
Here is Andrew’s. He had the Evil Empire Lemon Blonde, The Oktoberfest, The Bonita Applebum and the Chocolate Covered Cherry Porter. All of them were delicious. The applebum was my favorite of those, it really tasted so sweet and delicious!

Here are my flights. I got the Evil Empire Lemon Blonde and the Chocolate Covered Cherry Porter as well as the Chocwork orange and the Pearl Oyster Saison. The Chocwork orange was the perfect blend of chocolate and citrus and I loved that one! The Saison was very interesting too, it had a slight salty taste but overall was very smooth and delicious. the Lemon Blond Ale was good but neither of us loved it as much as we expected too, it was just an extra fruity blonde ale. We also tried a sip of the Pina Colada Rum Barrel one which tasted crazily like a strong Pina Colada! It was a bit strong for me because the rum flavors came through too much.

This brewery also had a food counter and a back room with games. We could not resist the cornhole!

They were all decorated with logos of their most popular flavors! Andrew loves this one for multiple reasons-It is hoppy and has a top gun reference!

We would have loved to do a brewery tour, but they are only offered on certain days. We are very tempted to come back and do one as it looked like an impressive set up. We had to get a pint glass and a coozie as souvenirs to remind of us this fun time.


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