Key West Day 3

Day three was full of more adventures in Key West! We woke up still excited from getting engaged last night. After breakfast at the B&B we left for a day of sightseeing and sun. First stop we bought some cute Key West T-shirts from Tucker’s Provisions. They were a preppy boutique and they gave us beers with our purchase! As we walked we saw these cute little chicks on the way!

Then we stopped at Pepper’s, a famous hot sauce store in Key West. They give you a tasting from levels 1 to 10 of spiciness. We loved so many of them, however my eyes started watering at level 5 and I had to stop to at level 7. Andrew made it to level 9 before giving in! We ended up buying the amazing wing sauce and a hot garlic habanero hot sauce. We got a few for presents too.
After that we headed towards the Hemingway House. It is across from the lighthouse, which we considered doing that tour but did not have enough time this trip.
The Hemingway house was an awesome tour! I loved reading his works and enjoyed hearing the stories of his life in Key West. This house is huge and had beautiful grounds.
His house also houses over 50 cats! A lot of them have at least six toes as the trait has been passed down. This one was so fluffy!
Here’s the pretty pool which is also the largest in Key West. Apparently is used to be a boxing ring but after his wife found out he was cheating on her, she got rid of it and made a giant pool.
Here’s a nice painting of him in front of the house.

You can see this cat has extra toes. The cats sat all over the property. We saw one black cat sitting on a wrought iron staircase. Unfortunately a man walking up the stirs did not realize and stepped on the little cat! The guy felt really bad and luckily the cat was okay. It was very shocking to see during our tour though!
After the tour we had to get our picture taken at the Southernmost point. The old people in front of us offered to take the picture. They did okay, but we wished there had been some better photographers around!

We had walked around a lot by now, so we took a break at that hotel and then went to Dante’s. Dante’s is a pool bar open to the public. We got rum buckets there and relaxed in the sun. We also met some bachelorette’s having a party and I talked with them about my new engagement! We had a great time there. We had a few snacks at Turtle Kraals next door, including oysters and nachos. This place races turtles however it was just little turtles and we felt a little bad for them. None of them seemed to very happy to race.

We also watched the amazing sunset from Mallory Square again. There was a great reggae singer and it was such a relaxing night. We were sad we had to leave the next day but glad we fit in so much this day.


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