Festival of Speed

This weekend we went to Orlando for one of Andrews birthday presents. I had gotten him tickets for us to go to the Festival of Speed, a car show in Orlando!He loves cars so he was excited to see some cool and rare ones. I was just happy to find a pink Porsche!
This was at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando. It looked like a really nice hotel but a bit stuffy. I prefer more fun in my hotels if I am in Orlando. The car show had all kind of luxury and sports cars. There were a lot of Porsches for Andrew to dream about getting one day, as well as cars that cost millions and we could only look at.

I know he really liked getting to sit in the McLaren with its crazy door. And the Alfa Romeo below was a big hit. He was also happy to see that his BMW was there since that meant it qualified as a nice car even though it was in the cheap section. I was hoping this would be a half day event but it only took us a couple hours to look at everything. It was still a cool event though and I know Andrew enjoyed it! Once we finished this we found some other fun things to do in Orlando as well so it made for a great day.Β 


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