DIY Christmas Presents

I decided to put some of my crafting skills to work to make some Christmas presents. I enjoy giving DIY ones because they can be meaningful. I had seen some Modge Podge present ideas and they looked like a perfect present, useful and homemade! First I made these instagram coasters for Andrew, which I got instructions form this website.
I made the coasters using pictures from our trip to the Keys. I printed out 4×4 pictures of them and used tiles from Home Depot. I was happy to find the same ones used in the article! They came out looking very “worn” looking, but I think he will like them as he likes that style. All I had to do was modge podge the pictures to the tile, wait for them to dry and then wipe the paper off with a wet towel. I think I waited two long for them too dry though as some of the paper was hard to get off. Then another layer of modge podge and they were done!

I also made another Christmas present with the modge podge I had. I saw
this idea online to make a cool picture frame with a map and thought of a great idea. I decided to use a Disney park map and put a picture of us at Disney World in it. I knew this would be the perfect Christmas present for my sister. I picked up a bunch of maps and a cheap frame from Target and started trying to see which one would work best. I realized Epcot is the perfect fit since the middle of the park is a lake! So all I did was traced out the middle and cut it out and then put modge podge on the back and stuck it on! Once it dried I added another layer to the front so it would be shiny and not rip. It came out looking pretty cool and I put a picture of my siblings and me at the World Showcase in it. I am looking forward to giving these gifts.

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