Fantasia Mini Golf

Andrew and I recently did a fun date activity at Disney World. We went to the Fantasia Gardens golf course. I had not been here since I was a little kid and he had never been so we were excited. It was about $30, which is not too bad for Disney World pricing.

The course was so fun and unique too! Each hole was themed after a short from the movie and even had the music from it playing in the background. A lot of holes had an effect that occurred when you got the ball in too.We moved fairly quickly, but there was a big family in front of us which was kind of good since it paced us. We tried a few course over while we were waiting for them and tried to get a hole in one. Neither of us did but we did come close!This golf course is right near the swan and dolphin hotel so it was very easy to get to. We really enjoyed it, though it seems like kind of a place you only go every once in a while. I don’t think we will be back unless we have visitors in the area looking for an on property activity or maybe until we have kids! It left us with some great memories though.


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