Book Review: Yes Please

I have been zooming through books lately! These memoirs by my favorite actors can be quite a quick read and I like the lightness and enthusiasm it brings to my reading. Sometime the fiction I read can be a bit dark, so stories of successful, comedic leading ladies break that up a lot! This book was a bit different from Tina Fey’s or Mindy Kaling’s, but followed some of the same formulas. It talked a lot about her experiences growing up, what got her into comedy and then the hard work it took to get to where she is now.
This book also had a lot of advice in it, which I have mixed feelings about. I love her ides for lifting your self-esteem and also her practice of not judging others. Those essays were very inspirational and I work on those every day. However other parts seemed to give too much advice based on her experiences, which I found do not apply to all sorts of people. She lived in a city and  worked in comedy, so a lot of that advice was useless to me. She also seemed to almost encourage an erratic young adult life like she had, taking odd jobs and moving around lots and not being financially secure and these things I do not agree with for me, but maybe they do apply to an artist.

Overall though, this book was definitely worth the time to read and I enjoyed it. Her chapters about SNL and Parks and Recreation were especially enjoyable. I also loved learning that her hometown in Burlington, MA is very close by to mine and her experiences in the Northeast. She is an excellent comedian and I am really looking forward to her new film with Tina Fey coming out soon.


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