Christmas Decorations

Here are our Christmas decorations for 2015! Last year we got our first Christmas tree and a few nautical ornaments. To fill in the tree a bit we added a paper chain. This year we didn’t need it though so we hung it up a over the living room. We also put up some lights and garland for a festival atmosphere.

We are working on having a magnificent nautical tree like we visit at the yacht and beach club. However this takes a lot of commitment and money so we are still getting there. This year we added a nice buoy garland we found in Key West.We mainly get these nautical ornaments from Macy’s, Dillard’s and home goods. I am not sure if it’s just a regional thing or if they have them everywhere but we have not had an issue finding some.My parents got us a couple form pottery barn too. The jellyfish is one of them and we love it! We also got one of a boat from the Hemingway House. We are considering getting a larger tree next year but considering that means buying lots more ornaments, we may keep this little one for longer. We hope to get at least a few ornaments each year.


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