Brewery Series- Sam Adams Brewery

While we were home for the holidays, we went on a tour of the Sam Adams brewery in Boston. It was so much fun! The tour guide was great and I have a new appreciation for Sam Adams now.

I did not realize how devoted this company is to craft beer. I have always enjoyed their Summer Ale and Cold Snap, but I did know about all the other flavored they make. They are also dedicated to a traditional beer flavor and only use barley, hops, water and yeast to make the beer.We got to learn about the beer and then see the floor where it is made. As a chemical engineer, I was pretty familiar with the brewing process. I had heard many times how the yeast eats all the sugars, and the Pacman analogy to describe this. I didn’t know that when you add the hops in determines the flavor of the beer though and found it interesting that Boston lager has 5 different hops added in at 5 different times. This Boston location only makes kegs for local  places, all of the bottled Sam Adams is made in Pennsylvania and Ohio. After the tour we got some samples! They give you a small tasting glass to keep, but unfortunately the logo on this glass washed away after one use. We tried the Boston lager, the winter ale and a newly created black IPA. I had only had the lager before but I liked the other two a lot! They were less bitter then other dark ales I have had before.After the tour it was lunch time. There was a trolley offering free rides to Doyle’s, a local pub that was the first to offer Sam Adams beer. We decided to go there especially since we could get a free pint glass with purchase of a ended up being quite an experience. The guy had a disco ball and music blasting from his party trolley! We found it very entertaining. The pubs food was less then stellar sadly as I had the thinnest clam chowder ever and some basic fried food. But they did have good beer! We also of course stopped in the gift shop where Andrew and I both got T-Shirts. He also got a growler full of black IPA which he and my dad drank later and then we got to take the growler home for future use. It was such a fun tour to do in Boston and we kind of want to go back in the summer for some Summer Ale testing!

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