Needlepoint Key Chain

For the past two Christmases I have made a needlepoint key chain as a gift. Last year I made a nautical flag one for Andrew and this year I made one for Patrick with his initials. I order the pattern and a kit to make it off the Stina Stiches Etsy Page. It is such a fun project to make and not too hard at all.

I love needlepointing as it keeps my hands busy when I am just hanging out or watching TV. It also is a great exercise for your brain. To make these key chains, you needlepoint the small strip of canvas, following the pattern printed on to it. Then to make a key chain, you iron a piece of fabric onto the back to keep the strings inside. Then you attach the provided key chain and secure it by pressing pliers on the metal part and squeezing the edge. It makes a really nice accessory for your keys and I love that I can personalize it as well. I hope to make a needlepoint belt in the future!

Here is the needlepoint keychain I made Andrew for Christmas last year! Clearly he has gotten a lot of use out of it. This was the nautical design and the flags represent his initials on one side and mine on the other.

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