The Vacationers

I just finished The Vacationers, which was an enjoyable light read. I remember seeing this on a new books list and wanting to read it mainly for the pretty cover. I have always judged books that way despite being told not too! I got this for Christmas which was nice because now I get to see this pretty cover on my book shelf. I had not read a light read like this in a while actually, but I enjoyed getting to, especially while I was sick. The book was about a family vacationing in Spain together despite some family drama going on. It was kind of like a character study as I did not know what decisions each character would take. It did not have much humor unfortunately, which I prefer from a beach read, but it was entertaining nonetheless. This book is perfect to read on vacation or if you are in need of one, as the descriptions provide some escapism. Unfortunately I do think I have graduated to more serious reads, as I do not enjoy this type as much as I used to, but I am glad to go back to this type occasionally.


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