Book Review: The Little Book of Mindfulness

I just finished reading a nonfiction book that I hope improves my life. A lot of days I spend way too much time staring at my iPhone and times like those worry me that I am not appreciating life fully. I am also trying to do more yoga and incorporate some relaxing lifestyle changes. This book has a lot of helpful tips to bring a better outlook to life and how to slow down and smell the roses. First it has a lot of good breathing exercises. These are helpful at the end of the day and a lot of them I usually do during a yoga session. Here are some of the other ways I liked to bring mindfulness into your life:

  • Let sound flow in and out of your mind, without thinking or analyzing it (Easier said then done!)
  • Think about the process an item took to get where it is (creation, transportation, etc.)
  • Scan your body and address how each part feels
  • Write down what you are grateful for
  • Make an I and in it write the things you like about yourself and things you need to improve it
  • Before bed, think “May all beings be safe and protected, may all beings be peaceful, may all beings live at ease and with kindness.”



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