Day in St. Pete

Andrew and I had such a fun day in St. Pete. We have not spent much time on the west coast of Florida since it is a 3 hour drive, but we decided to look at wedding venues there and make the trek. After our first wedding venue tour, we went downtown for a foodie lunch.

We went to Z Grille which was a cute bistro with an adventurous menu. The only bad thing was they were serving brunch and not the regular lunch menu! So we did not get to try the things that sounded best to us, but we still had some good options. I had the Juan Stamos, which was my first time having a lamb burger and I thought it was pretty good. I did not love the taste of lamb as much as I love a good burger but it was interesting. The goat cheese complimented the lamb and the sundries tomatoes well.

Andrew got the Dr. Pepper ribs which were very tender and flavorful! Unfortunately it was kind of appetizer sized which the menu did not show, but it ended up being enough food for him with some of my fries. It was a cool place and we were glad we tried it.

After the second wedding tour, we left beachside to check out some breweries. We decided on 3 Daughters brewery as it was close by. When we got there it was packed. It turned out they were having a private party but a little bar was still open. We had a flight and tried some of their excellent beers. We have had the beach blonde ale in the past and love that one for having during a day at the beach. We also tried the coffee porter and found it to be one the better coffee porters we have had. There are so many breweries in St. Pete, we want to come back and try some more!

Before we headed back we stopped at Downtown St. Pete and stumbledย upon a fun place-a gourmet popsicle shop!!ย It was super hipster, but we loves it. Even though it was a bit chilly out, we had to get some. I had the hibiscus strawberry and Andrew had the pear gin and they were by far the best popsicles we have ever had. It was a fun way to end our little adventure.

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