Pescado Veracruz

I never thought I would be attempting to cook a recipe with a name like this! However, Pescado Veracruz was another meal in our Hellofresh box that we were delighted with. Cod is usually very expensive at our markets so we were excited to get some in this meal. It was a really healthy and yummy dish and probably one of our favorites. I enjoyed the little amount of cutting needed as that is always a tedious task for me. It was also super quick to make after you putting on the Basmati rice. The burst tomatoes were a nice touch since the oven already had to be used. The sauce with the olives was also very tasty. The only downside of this meal was the amount of pans and dishes is used to make. Between the rice, fish and sauce, I had a lot to clean at the end. It was worth it though for a high quality dish that would impress at a dinner party or just make for a nice dinner for two, as we had.


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