St. Pete Beach Wedding Venues

We looked at 2 wedding venues on our trip to St. Pete’s beach. They happened to be right next to each other right on the ocean. I had actually stayed at the Sirata Beach Resort when I was in middle school and found it again after searching for venues. So we looked there and at Tradewinds. Both of the venues were so different, however both were gorgeous as well!

The start of Tradewinds was a bit lackluster, but was later made up for. We were sent on the tour on our own which we found hard to navigate around the resort. We loved the beautiful grounds and the gazebo areas, but we really disliked all the indoor facilities. We finished the tour thinking it would be a no, but then we met with the wedding planner. She was so friendly and full of so much wedding knowledge! She started by walking us through how she sets up weddings at the resorts. She pointed out all the finances so nothing was hidden and even gave us some great tips for the ceremony and the reception. We really loved meeting with her and were tempted by the price and the nice outdoor areas to book there. It is still on the bottom of the list though because of how worried I would be of rain. The indoor areas just would not work for my dream wedding, so that was the main downside of this resort.

We went to the Sirata Beach Resort after lunch for another meeting. We found this wedding planner to be a bit less personal, but she did lay out all the details. This hotel had a lot of random fees which made it pretty pricey in the end. It was an absolutely beautiful spot though, with an amazing deck for beachside ceremonies and a top floor banquet room with an amazing view for the reception. It had a lot of what we wanted, but is mot likely too expensive and too far away.

We had a lot of fun touring these venues and are excited to look into more. The beachy setting on the gulf seems like an amazing spot to get married so we are still slightly tempted. We have a lot of time to plan and decide though so we are taking our time and looking at all the options.


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