Book Review: Voices in the Ocean

I just finished this non-fiction book about dolphins. I rarely read non-fiction but I have been very into learning new things lately so decided to read about one of my favorite aquatic animals. This book was very interesting and explained all about the dolphins unique abilities, including its wide use of sonar and the complex social groups they travel in. I learned so much that I did not know about them and now I have a much greater appreciation. I also sadly learned about all the horrors facing them. In some parts of the world dolphins are hunted using extreme torture techniques and their intelligent brain suffers a painful death emotionally and physically. Closer to home, dolphins have been mistreated in many marine parks, and even having them in there performing mindless tricks can be pretty cruel for creatures with their capabilities. I wish we could get back to a world where dolphins and many other sea life frolic in a clean ocean, but sadly this seems like a far off goal. I am glad I know more now and can do things to help dolphins, like clean the beaches and not support companies that keep them captive. However, it did take me a while to finish the book because of how sad it was at times.

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