Trader Sams

I was so excited last weekend to finally try Trader Sam’s. I have been meaning to check out this place for ages but we are usually too busy to leave the parks. We decided to meet my sister for a relaxing day and had the perfect opportunity to go.

We hung out at the Grand Floridian for a bit. It is finally getting to be sunbathing weather again! We loved just hanging out by the pool and enjoying the ambiance. We decided to walk over to the Polynesian though so we could be the first people in Trader Sams. We got there right at 3:30 to get a buzzer and they let us in at 4.We had so much fun! We loved the atmosphere and the special effects. The waiters were hilarious too, especially Debbie who is pictured with my sister below. they were a lot of fun and got everyone involved in their silly jokes.For drinks we got a good variety. The favorite was the Mosquito Mojito which Andrew got. it is not that unique of a drink but it was by far the most delicious of the ones we tried. Second would be the Hippotto Mai-Tai that I got which is in the first picture. I definitely recommend this one if you want a signature glass as it was different and tasty and you get this cute glass all for $20. Not bad considering the prices of some Disney drinks. And you get to yell “Two Shots of Rum” when you get it!Β The other drinks we tried was the Castaway crush which Nancy got which is pictured below. This one was okay but had way too much cinnamon which was weird. Andrew also got the dark and tropical stormy, and that was about the same as any dark and stormy except even more spice flavors which was weird.

We had so much fun and now we want to go here all the time! We plan to try one of the multiple people drinks and take home one of those big glasses at some point. This is a great place to stop by and relax and have a few laughs. It is small though and they do not rush people out at all, so make sure to get there before a wait starts. And this is definitely a can’t miss if you are staying right at the Polynesian.


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