Trattoria Al Forno for Breakfast

While Andrew was out of town, Nancy and I got some quality sister time at our favorite place-Disney World! We had a very casual day hanging out at the boardwalk and the Disney Springs.
Nancy had been to Trattoria Al Forno before and really liked this Italian restaurant on the boardwalk, so we both decided to try it for the first time for brunch. It turned out to be a new favorite! Β We split the breakfast pizza and a frittata.
Both dishes were amazing! The pizza had an amazing sauce but still felt like breakfast with the egg, crispy potatoes and sausage. The frittata had prosciutto and peppers in it and tasted luxuriously. It was the perfect place for breakfast and I want to go another day and try the lunch or dinner menu!
Nancy had to work later though we strolled around and then went over to the Disney Springs. We decided to relax in the sun next to the margarita booth, where they had Adirondack chairs and an acoustic guitar player!
I could not resist this orange margarita though! We had such a fun time getting some rays and listening to the musician covering Jack Johnson and laid back tunes.
My arm looked a lot less pale after a couple hours sitting there! We were pleased to find another spot in Disney where you can escape the crowds and enjoy the atmosphere. The Disney Springs keeps getting better with this and we are so excited to see all the new places opening up. It really is a great area to hang out day or night.

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