Spring Training Game

Andrew and I went to our last Nationals spring training game at the Space Coast Stadium. We are so sad they won’t be returning next season! We have enjoyed going to the games while they were in Viera and we will still see the manatees play in the summer. 
We felt bad leaving this guy while we went to the game! We were dog sitting for our neighbors who have this adorable pup. He was so fun to hang out with this weekend!
So funny story about the game. The weather had been on and off raining all week. We didn’t want to risk buying tickets for a rained out game so we put off buying tickets. It ended up being perfect weather, but when we got to the box office, the game was sold out. Just when we were worrying though, some guy came over and gave us free tickets! His company had bought a block of seats and some of the people he was with did not show up. We were so lucky to get tickets!! It was quite a surprise to us and we had such a fun time at the game. Unfortunately the final score was 3-3, a tie, but we were glad to see Bryce Harper! I am very tempted to go see them in Miami this summer. From the game we saw, they definitely have a chance of winning a lot this year.

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