Dinner at The Coop

My family was craving some southern food when they got to Florida so we decided to try The Coop. This is primarily a fried chicken restaurant owned by the same person who established Four Rivers Barbeque. This cute old fashioned restaurant is located in Winter Park so we decided to go there for some off and then to walk around after.
This is a quick service style restaurant where you order your food and then bring it to your table. We ended up ordering a family platter and lots of other sides. All of the food was delicious! It is definitely cooked in a traditional way, as it was a greasy meal. I would not eat this kind of food frequently, but it is a great treat every once in a while! We loved the fried chicken, it had a perfect crispy coating and was juicy on the inside. They also had some great sides, especially the hush puppies and the mac and cheese! We got the friend green tomatoes, and they were pretty good, but were a bit too greasy. It was so nice to sit outside and enjoy some traditional food with my family. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone in the winter park area if you are looking for a southern style restaurant.



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