Birthday Disney Day

As someone who loves Disney World so much, I had to visit for my birthday! We had an off Friday so we took the opportunity to drive up the day before and have fun in the parks. We decided to do all the Hollywood Studios attractions in the morning and then relax at Epcot in the afternoon. I am pretty impressed that we got through the 3 Hollywood headliners in 2 hours. We got there right at rope drop and waited in line for Toy Story. We could not believe it was already an hour long line but we had the whole day for fun so did not stress. I got a pretty high score so that is always exciting. After, we used fastpasses for tower of terror and rocking ‘ roller coaster. Those are always a blast!
We were feeling too hungry to go on star tours which can make us nauseous so we decided to head over to Epcot. I, of course, had to get a Hollywood Studios mug beforehand. Now I only need the Animal Kingdom one for Disney parks.
At Epcot, it was snack time! The Flower and Garden festival was going on and we were excited to try new foods and drinks. An old favorite was first though-we had the delicious brisket burnt ends hash with a cheddar fondue. We ended up having it twice in one day it was so good.
Now we need a smoker to try and make it at home. I had a beer from Funky Buddha Brewery that was also delicious. Then we moved onto Germany where we had flights of beer and an egg battered toast with a delicious cherry compote. Some of the best brews we had were at this booth! They were very filling though so we took a break from eating and enjoyed the Mexican boat ride, a favorite of mine! After this, we spent most of the day walking around exploring some of the festival, such as the butterfly garden and trying more food and drinks.
 I loved the naanwich at the sustainable booth and the shrimp and grits at the Florida booth! These are yearly favorites in addition to the barbeque. Not many of the new offerings sounded very appealing to me so I mainly stuck to my favorites. If I go back again I will branch out! We were so full and tired by the end of the day, we just hung out at the beach club pool for an hour. It was the perfect spring day at Disney World.


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